नेपाली भाषा र साहित्यको सम्पूर्ण पत्रिका

Poem: The Voyage is Ours

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Bhawana Pokhrel

My soul is transfixed with yours

You had realized, the voyage is ours


When we went on a ride, they lit candles

All over the roads, spring runnels overflowed

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In ecstasy, when we danced, the crickets sang

When we cried, the clouds joined us as rain


When we discovered a Crab and a Scorpio

The same river surged, subsided in a bond

But though we suppressed, our passions

Only submerged as embers; didn’t douse

As quiet as us while buried into each other


When we stood facing the sea of lights, the last night

The moon and stars oozed us warm, sticky, slithery love

The cosmos then carved its charisma, made you mutter

Into my ears: separations pain, without it there’s no gain


When we connected with every common cell

When we lay down, the slate became our bed

The lake down, cool and tranquil, the stars up

Blazing hot, were teasing us with tippling lights


The lakes, stars, light, and moon all in a harmony

Locked and levitated us in their cosmic glamour

Only then our bodies felt so alive, sizzling slides

Liberating our life in that enchanting divine dark

The moments made you smile and made me cry


Leaving me all alone, the next day you had to fly

Half over the sky above the rains and clouds high

Both of us hid our best; our hearts’re kissing sly

And our souls never to each other say good bye


Beer or wine, your soul is transfixed with mine

I too have realized, the voyage is ours