George Floyds are lynched

Nabaraj B.K.s are mangled

Nirmala Pantas are ruptured

Many others unnamed are

Liquidated using weapons

Like hunger, rage, revenge

Racism, castism, fanaticism, sexism

Down to all of these and in one basket

Down! Conspiracy, atrocity, inhumanity

Venomous, delinquent, greedy governments

Semi-literate, suburban, cynical head-Hitlers

Your devilish knees should pain pressing napes

Your organs should be crushed into fragments

Your walnut heads should hold core compassion

Your sinful feet must tremble while stepping

Onto the dingy carpet of the poor’s sweat and sap

May you all have a wrenching fall to a nihilistic null

I pray

Goddess let me awake into a purified humanity!

That will have to rise again with an apology to us

Granted from Floyds, Nabarajs and Nirmalas

And a trillion others tethered in treachery and treason

I need a newly rising Sun purged of all these sins

Till then– I am dumb, I am numb, like ash-covered embers

Subsisting,but not alive…