Kathmandu, 4 August, 2021.

On the special occasion of poet Durgalal Shrestha, popularly called “People’s Poet”, turning 87 on 4 August, the publication of his biography in Nepali language by the end of the Nepali year 2078 BS has been announced by Durgalal Sahitya Pratisthan, the eponymous organization dedicated to managing the eminent poet’s literary creations.

Durgalal Shrestha

Researcher R Manandhar authored Kabi-Kabitako Chhabi (The Poet-Image of Poetry) is in the final stage of publication. Reputed author Rajendra Maharjan has been doing the editing of the forthcoming book. The Pratisthan has stated that the book is going to be an illustrated one.

Biographer R Manandhar with poet Durgalal Shrestha

His biography in Nepalbhasa has already been published two years ago (Nepal Samvat 1139). Designed by Rabin Sayami and published through the funding of various Newar poeple’s organizations based in the USA and UK, the book’s public release had been postponed due to Covid-19 lockdowns. The Pratisthan has been planning to release both the biographies at a common event at a convenient time.