कारागारमा पुस्तकालय बनाइरहेको राष्ट्रिय पुस्तकालय अभियानले कारागारभित्र पुस्तक छलफल गर्ने, कैदीहरूका सिर्जनाहरू प्रकाशन गर्ने तथा कारागारभित्र लेखन प्रतियोगिता गर्ने कामहरू गरिरहेको छ । ‘कारागार साहित्य‘ नामक यस शृङ्खलामा साप्ताहिक रूपमा उनीहरूको सिर्जना प्रकाशन गरिन्छ । – राष्ट्रिय पुस्तकालय अभियान 

कारागारमा पुस्तकालय अभियानका अभियन्ता हरि खनालसँगको सहकार्यमा साहित्यपोस्टले साप्ताहिक स्तम्भ “कारागार साहित्य” सुरु गरेको छ । प्रत्येक शुक्रबार प्रकाशित हुने यस स्तम्भमा जेलजीवन बिताइरहनुभएकाहरूको साहित्यसिर्जना प्रस्तुत गरिने छ । अवश्य नै, सिर्जना गुणवत्ताका हिसाबमा कमजोर हुनेछन् तर जेलजीवन बिताइरहनुभएकाहरूको कथाव्यथा सम्प्रेष्य छन् । उहाँहरूको मनमा रहेको उकुसमुकुस, भावावेश तथा संवेदनालाई स्थान दिनु हाम्रो मुख्य उद्देश्य हो । – नवपुस्ता विभाग, साहित्यपोस्ट



So, what you confine me you cannot weaken me

For my spirits bigger tenacity constant

You twist evidence, Wring sections, toast champagne on victory

based on lies.


I behest is it such necessary to languish innocent?

Your evil deeds sank my parents in tears they are Pleasants

unaware of your selfish treason.

What ruthless creatures are you? What element compile you? Worry not for I shall operate you. Oh! I reckon;

They call you messiah

Who maintain Law. Flow ironic when you are piles of flew.


Don’t you see yourself as parasites who sucks blood just to appease your unremitting thirst?

You’d rather opine your will, I’d tangibly bequeath you my petty will.


life’s a boon they say but your evil intentions had my slain you fattered me in wide dark goal

I’d have had more better of me my friend hold your breath

Truth shall chase you many sleepless nights.

And things shall get your’s worse the day truth has it’s victory.

the way devil was lacerated by deity the demons must fear almighty.


You abrogated the law, the day you pronounce the verdict

what bias and foolish if bunds scrutinize your merits

After all, I gratify you arose valiant Lakhan Thapa in me

Never mind my friend I shall flying such blind law in a pit.

I am convinced I shall lie on funeral pyre

but what about the self-esteem you had it light.


What about my forefather’s pride they are the martyrs

They saved justice’s life

My life shall be like George Washington’s and Thomas Jefferson’s

If not life death shall be like else’s

Crest’s of prejudice and injustice ought to crumble down

False shall doom. I shall die for justice truth must boom.




Gokarna, Kathmandu 

(Central jail- Jagannath Dewal)