नेपाली भाषा र साहित्यको सम्पूर्ण पत्रिका

Poem: She

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Arun Sharma

Inside the garden

The red beautiful rose.

She was gazing this shining drop on petal from heaven

Wrinkled face
Weary eyes

Limping slightly,

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She moved!

Our eyes met

Her eyes flashed and widened

Beamed with radiant smile

Lips moved and parted

She too was surprised.

Eyes sparkled

Joy and serene

Old beauty like a glowing star

There she was standing

Twinkled eyes beamed with joy

“Oh you?” She was surprised!

“Yes! Same me!” I too smiled.

“Lucky me,” softly she murmured, “to see you.”

“Me too,” barely words came out! On this evening time!

Her eyes moistened

Pearls in the eyes sparkled in soft yellow sun

She wanted to hide!

Hearts fluttering

Emotions rising!

Tides of past rising

The glow in the eyes widening

Her face pinkish red and glowing

The smiles still raining

In the soft breeze her silvery hair flowing and dancing.

I stood there speechless as I was mesmerized,


Like an Arctic iceberg

It was so sublime!

That sparkling eye,

That priceless smile,

In that frozen second,

She was most beautifully radiant face in the whole cosmos!

I could surmise!

Feet grounded like a statue on that ground

Heart fluttering and flowing

Spirit flying higher and higher on the horizon

I was oblivion to the space and the frozen time

Her glow, her charm, poise and perennial beauty

As ever as I saw her for the first time!

“You know! It’s been 20 years since we met,” softly she murmured.

“Yes! It’s been so LONG,” I barely said!

Yes, I was shaken inside.

Eyes moistened, glistened, gazed and then drooped

The heart rising and sinking!

She raised her head, tears welled,

“Got to go! Someone is waiting.” Softly she wailed!

“You take care okay.” Her last words shaking in the breeze!

One last gazing, loving, charming, sweet and painful look

One last stare, words can’t fathom or capture

The LAST look and she turned and just walked away!

No second take! She moved like a slow wind.

Her flowing silvery hair

Her bluish shirt and blue pants ruffling with the walk!

I stood there…. motionless frozen on the ground.

Eternity! Lost in time.

Eyes fixed on her slowly shrinking in size as she got farther away and was invisible like the bird that flew away in the wide sky! The sun too was gone!

Time passed! The world revolved!

Five years gone…I met a friend asked, “how is she?”

“She is no-more.”

“When was that?” My chest tightened and cracked a boulder inside.

“It’s been two years…” he sighed…

He PAUSED! Long pause, it was! Then he said,

She said to tell you. She thought of you!


Torrents of flood oozing, rising,flowing deep inside,

Churning, swarming a big hurricane circling outside

Pangs of pain…deep stabs…. piercing the nooks and cronies

My eyes, my throat, my heart and my brain every where

Waves flooding, tidesthundering.

Before an Earthquake it was momentary quietness…

Wordless, speechless, the river flowing like a whirlwind, something raining sodeep inside

In memory her grace, the BEAUTY, the smile reverberating inside ….

She may be GONE for ALL

But she left me something to cherish for LIFE!

The soft smiles, beaming sparkling eyes

Etched for EVER, a treasure!

On the banks of Melamchi,Mississippi andBig Sur over Pacific Ocean

Whenever I’m all alone

She come rushing, running with the same smile,she isso close to me

Whispers softly “I’m here you so close, you should know.”

Then she is gone the next second just like that wind and the wave in the ocean

She sparkles, she lives, she flows like a river, blows like a wind

In my memory SHE lives for Ever!

To me it’s NO surprise!!


Arun Sharma, is an engineer and a writer with seven books published. He can be reached at arundahal999@gmail.com.