Bhawana Pokhrel

I don’t want to be foolish

To pretend that I am equal to any men

But am far superior and always have been

Whatever you have given me, I’ve doubled

You gave me sperm; I gave you a baby

You gave me a house, I gave you a home

You fetched groceries, I gave you a meal

You gave a smile, I gave you my heart

I multiply and enlarge as William Golding gets

What is given to me; so, if you give me any crap

Be ready to receive a ton of shit


If you give me an honest and hearty summon

I will meet you over the nature’s bare breasts

By the lakes, mounds, hills and stunning sky

I know real rivulets only hide, never go dry

Be it in the sizzling sun or the dribbling drops

Sweetness of my serene swoons never stops

Give me colors I will weave you a rainbow

Give me company, credit and credibility

I will give you an eternal Fife, wife, and a life


Submerged in sensibility we will celebrate femininity!