A vibrant night in Canberra,

sitting under a gumtree

I think of my deity-like beloved in Nepal.


Walking with her through a paddy fields

where grasshoppers and crickets

make music,

bathing under the moonlight

we stroll around ignoring the present.


Here in Canberra I

avoid pleasures and loud music

to have a better recapture

of those fond memories.


The lights in the city

have blurred my memories,

trying to see them better

I take solace in dream

where no one can bother me.

Will I be able to gather ripened memories through the night?




Kuma Raj Subedi, MA / MTESL, is a lecturer and an Australian poet. His numerous creations have been published on various print and online platforms: online and in print, such as Misty Mountain Review, Indian Review, Muse India, Aksharang, The Gorkha Times, Of Nepalese Clay, The Indian Periodical, Nepalnamcha, Poetishes, The Offline Thinker, Setopati, Poeticia, The Rising Junkiri, Sahitya Sangraha, The Writer’s Cafe etc. He often writes about issues such as women’s suffering, memories, religion, nature, migration, love and culture.