श्याम गैरे 

Dear moon,
Please hear My tune
From the bottom of my heart,
To push my wondering though.

Why do you fall on earth only in silence?
Where mode of ignorance makes violence,
Dear moon light,
Could you drop the message above violence?

In full Moon days,
With the help of your face,
Lot’s of towering personality wrote about their girlfriend;
Then, fall in love,
Like the drops of dew,
Falling tears,
Within romantic layers,
Secret feelings which push lovers into subtle affairs,
Which push lovers from miles from there.

The Moon rises for a long time at the same pace.
Although, why habitat of love can’t survive in a familiar place?

By birth I am from the bucolic side of Tarakhola R.M, 1, Baglung. I am working at Dr.Koirala research institute for biotechnology and biodiversity as a Researcher. I love to compose poems, essays, stories as well as comedy.