डा. वानीरा गिरी

 Castele of letters

I, tying a belt full of letters,
will go to a Mela*
in the field of white pages
weighing the letters
adding words to other words
composing sentences
I exhibit
the grand show
of the letters
I will go to that amusing Mela
of letters

Letter that which
Grow out of me
Like the waves
That is formed
By a plunge of a pebble

Like the roar of a cloud
triggered by the touch
of another cloud

I am the flood
Of letters
An aimless torrent
Gone far beyond
the line and limits
holding in the self
the immoral transmission of blood
of the letters
the Shumeru*- Kumeru circuit

an achievement
through the letters

only letters

I will be a flag of letters,
a full page, full fledged
So the breeze of letters keeps fluttering me
adding letters
I will forge such a word which
Will rape the whole era
Cursing the whole existence
And keep making being, the non-being
I will show an exciting magic trick of letters
Will open up the box of Pandora
Through the irresistible sperms
I will create Kartikeya, the son of Shiva
To lead the great war of letters
I will build a unique era
And with each other
I will make the letters fight
Will make them quarrel
make them contest
will get them thrashed
and in the end

to safe guard the letters
for the security of the letters

I will build a strong Castel

And lock up the letters
And lock up the letters.

Translation- Himal khadka

*the community farm-work, in which farmers help other farmers in cultivation in turn .