निर्भीक जंग रायमाझी

My country’s map
Is like semicircled blue eye’s of
Flirtatious kid,
Draw slowly
Even a small ceramite can hurt a baby.

Above – there are mountain ranges like sharp pyramids,
In the middle – there are ‘Deurali’ hills raised like ‘Dhaka-hat’,
Just below – there are warm fields like mother’s lap

Draw safely the line of core boundaries
Even a single sting of a sharp pen
Hurt’s the country’s chest !

Blowing like a proud chest to the west,
Snatches in the middle like a giant waist,
In the east, ‘like two connected leg’s’ is found arranged,
The map of my country is like flourishing youth
So is why the decieving world puts on
The vulture’s eye…

Please ! draw slowly the joints,
Take care of each points
Of the border
And remember– Oh hand ! Making the map,
One has a tender heart like of a navy
Within the map of the country…


 (translated in english by Ismael Subba.)