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Dear Moon,

At coffee café,

Nearby your skyscraper,

I was sitting in excuse to drink.

Passed hours,

Looking through its window

With no blink.

For you, my moon,

To see your lighting face,

And relish our memory

Of past days.


Now, you are married

To someone else,

Cause, in front of your values

My caste fails.


Out of the blue,

What I noticed at coffee cafe,

Some letters had been used as tissue papers,

And many were thrown

In trash to decay.

Those were sent to you

Back many years,

Written by me sitting under

Poplar trees,

As you are married not to me,

Then love letters are left to be

Tissue papers.


But, I collected all those letters

As I saw the imprint of your red

Lipstick on.

That vividly rejuvenated my memory,

As i was kissed by you, first time, my moon

So close,

So tight,

As if merging in me for ever and ever,

Like two streams to be a river.

Since that day, we started loving again and again

And being restless in every moment,

For the sweet nectar of love to gain,

Sitting on the same Poplar tree

In every new dawn.

But as i realized you are somebody

Else wife

Some moments are unforgettable

In life


Now, we are not in same journey

As you make your choice,

Then I get different destiny.

Tragically, time never travels back


Neither you, nor me

None to blame.

But I still date with the aroma of

Your kiss in those letters,

Though, you are married not to me

It always feels sweeter.