Bairagi Kaila

 Kissing the fingers

– Bairagi Kaila

A kiss on the fingers
a greeting
over the fingers

to my Hajur*
full in my eyes

What did I do that was so wrong?
The flowers that blossomed on those lips
Through the Gaze
I only kissed
What did I do wrong?

How did I blunder?
I took them in my hands
hairs, bowing low in the wind.

However, I can understand
my Hajur* blushed
all the way along.

Kissing the fingers
all over the fingers

To my beloved
a salute
full in my eyes

What did I do wrong?
I came in dreams.
I made the dream and the reality
Flux and fuse

What did I do so wrong?
I molded them into the flowers
I made the borders and the boundaries.
Melt and merge

But I can understand.
dreaming though
My Hajur couldn’t sleep throughout the night.

Translation- Himal khadka

Hajur: A respectful and high address to a person, used here to address the beloved. which is generally accepted practice.