A room, an objective, and a woman with intellect.


A wind-opposed window,
a cheap table

as a reflection of life,
a mirror

kohl, powder, face cream, and an eyebrow pencil
an English novel and some newspapers in the name of intellectuality

this is the room of an intellectual lady

in the warmth that the recent chat sparked
Lying around, are some empty tea cups and cigarette butts
As for the memories of boyfriends

a Nepali mat, the Sukul
after that, a border,
marked by a thin carpet

though unable to exceed ideals
boyfriends sometimes cross the line
of that Nepali mat, and reach for the bed
and rest their heads on the soft pillows which are always carrying in them
the dreams of discontentment

there is suffocation in this room
there is an anxiety

the nostalzia of the queen of Jhansi, Joan of Arc, and of madam curie
would always be laughing

as if in response to being unable to compromise
with society, objectives, and the circumstances

oh where! Where are Krishna’s Radha and Ram’s Sita ?
And the one whom Manu worshipped?

It is here that her daily labor
has adapted to a tough lifestyle

It is here that her weary drops of sweat
are pawned
for the handful of paper notes that come in the last of the month as the pay scale of a graduate.

Translation- Himal khadka