You are now what you share.
And through what you choose, you share who you truly are.

Recently completed this book!!

It was an awesome read. Very very realistic and relevant to the contemporary world. The book enlightens the dark side of internet and social media hidden in the crowd of charm and attraction.

P.W. Singer and Emerson T. Brooking has well written after years of in depth research. The book is full of true examples to make the concept comprehensive. It shows how the internet and social media shapes war and politics today. It reveals the dreadful fact that the war is not merely fought with guns and tanks nowadays but with the spread of falsehoods and manipulation of human emotions.

As we all are quite addicted in social media, it clearly opens our eyes. The book exposes the dark side of Facebook, Twitter , Youtube etc etc and makes us aware if we apply the idea over our daily life activities.

A magnificent book with solutions in the last chapter to overcome the misuse of social media and incline the use towards the good sides. There are instances of events directed by social media shown in the book many times, that will clearly blow the readers mind and compel them to think, evaluate and change their wrong paths (if any).

Finally, the bright sides of social media got imprinted in our brain and we take it as a boon but actually it is a boon only if we turned it to be so.