The color black
And you, my brother!
I like you.

From mother’s womb
We came to this world
Aren’t we particle from the same black hole !
Black is the color of our creator.

I really like the color black.

Even my eyes which made me see this world are black
The same eyes help me distinguish

the colors of the flowers in the garden
White, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Blue, Purple.
And the very ground in which these flowers bloom is also black.

Brother, I like the color black.

When I learned to read and write
In clear black letters
Vedas, Upanishads, Gita, Bible, Quran
And most importantly, the constitution of the country
Then only I learned –

Justice and injustice
Rights and responsibilities
Orders and duties.

Brother, I like you and the color black

No one in this world is a permanent entity
Our life has been handed over in
The day I die and burn in a pyre
Black will it be and I merge into the black


I like you very much

I like the color black

The color black
And you, my brother!
I like you.