Gaurav Ojha

Think of years we have wasted for
Finding things that will always be here
We are drifters searching for the shelter because it rains
Or else who cares, we are selfish gene
We are only for this time and being
Why get anxious for what has never been thought of at all?
Let the history romp in its weird ways
Think and only think, don’t act for a pointless rage
Embrace meaninglessness rather than absolute truth
Distaste systematic solutions that teaches you to first hate
What shall we do with progress that slips into decline?
Freedom that positions us for more restrains
Why struggle for utopian dreams that only pile on human skulls and bones?
When clowns posture themselves as saviors, heroes and conquerors
Jokes, jokers and joking, it is tragedy for the commons
Imposter knows how to give a pose before a picture of the philosopher with long beard
When living becomes a substance for social media story that disappears after 24 hours
Relentless race for the next update
We need a mask for the face that we have already lost
We have become too restless for a spiritual quest
Life expectancy trends up on antibiotics, medications and pills
We have been reduced to genetics and memes
Our masterpieces in art, literature, music, philosophy and theory of mind
Collusion between impulse of an ape and conscience of a rational man
Watch the unfolding absurd play of odd timings
Improbable climax, wicked games and weird characters
Embrace imperfect and incomplete transitions of the stage
As a choice-less observer, but don’t get fooled by revolutionaries and commentators
Nothing has gone wrong; things only become weak, withering and vulnerable
Life with love, appreciation of beauty and acceptance
There is nothing behind, beyond, beneath or better
This is it

(Currently, I am engaged as a Faculty of communication, critical thinking, academic writing and
marketing research at different educational institutions. As a part of my creative writing interests,
I regularly publish opinion posts, poems and articles on a wide range of topics from death,
disease, social issues, and humanism to post-religious spirituality.)