Chovar Blues Mobile Size
Journey has taught a blurred lesson!
It gave me an apple and a note
I was starving as if a survivor of great famine
Neither journey nor Apple, were  spontaneous
It was hunger; inspired and people say it had obligated me
To set a journey
To randomly move the steps
And to fetch a hope of life.
Things were strange, mysterious
Something familiar and something anonymous
Eyes were colliding with sweet remembrance
Dry Enzymes and exhausted hormones were like the sea before Tsunami
Mind was rumbling and thrashed heart was hopeless
Even to realise my existence
Even to accept that I am human
It was perceiving world as a battlefield; kill your inner identity or be killed
Suddenly this journey amazed me with an Apple and a note.
When I started to bite, a piece of paper yelled- Here is your hope of life. this is made from your blood and sweats, you had beautiful life and you puzzled it is that only for this Apple?