Gaurav Ojha

We were gathered together

On a windy evening without a crowding party
To save the drops of tear for sorrow
To share our smiles for ordinary day
To wait for whatever happens to make us happy
And, to listen you say love me
We don’t dissolve like sugar in the water
We share our warm glass of water
With lemon and honey
Our togetherness has been bitter sweet indeed
Since, we are not clever enough
To read each other like a newspaper
We have drawn lines in between
My expectations and your choices, my hopes and your aspirations
Life, I have cut for you and the time I have take away from your freedom
You can put on the melodies of dissonant sound
For your upsets, regrets, nostalgias and doubts
It’s not strange that I forget more than you reminders
I have no love poem for you
Only simple verses to articulate generalizations in expressions
I know how to look outside the window and wait
As you talk and I often listen, almost like a monologue
And, we shall be together till
We pick up the rubbish and put them in the dustbin
Even when our hearts have failed to meet
We have rolled over, riding on thunder, rain and fire
Our love story is recognizable as sunlight, sand and skin
Our comparative honesty says you need me as I do
And, threads of commitment that weaves us
For the love that there is
Even when we can’t bring our ideas together


(Gaurav Ojha has engaged as a faculty of communication, critical thinking, marketing and marketing research in different educational institutions. As a part of his creative interests, Mr. Ojha has regularly published opinion posts, poems and articles on a wide range of topics from death, disease, social issues, and humanism to post-religious spirituality.)