Gaurav Ojha

Oh! Mother, what happened to your enlightenment?

Where are your sages and the Buddha?

Your myths are our embarrassments

Our feeble intelligence needs the guidance of another

Mother, what shall we do with the memories of heroism?

When we are caged within the understandings of other

Mother, we have become savvy critics

With everything for us to criticize

We have learned so much without knowledge

Mother: What is our identity?

Language, religion, geography, ethnicity

Long lost tales of bravery

A great experiment has singularly divided us into many


Mother: Are we migrant workers?

Disposed and dispatched in body bags

Sheep and donkeys for other nations

What is the worth of our sweat and blood?

In the desert heat

Your children are universal fighters

They prefer dying elsewhere

Mother can feel our sense of accomplishment

When publishing condolences for sons and daughters

Killed in accidents of New York or Sydney

As for those deaths in Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Qatar

They are forgotten as unnecessary burden



Oh! Mother, what you have is always for the other

Your brain drains have decided to think of you

From the comfort of foreign shores

Picking on imperfections, they have ran away from

For, those of us left, we are busy scratching

What has never been here and never shall be

We have been told that a relentless conquer united you

But revolutionaries have cracked you up in pieces

For all the martyrs, what a pity they died for us

Ashamed! We are not worthy of your sacrifice

See martyrs, you glory has become our decay


Lost in the chaos of transition

Oh! Mother: What shall we do now?

When we have nothing to revenge upon

Have we turned into virus that kills its host?

Where have all the oppressors gone?

They are too much with us

Many little kings and tiny soldiers

Mother, your statues have been wrecked

And, we have been orphaned from history

From where shall we get another narrative?

Find a script to search for the brave new world

Oh! Mother we only guinea pigs waiting

For yet another monstrous experiment



(Gaurav Ojha has engaged as a faculty of communication, critical thinking, marketing and marketing research in different educational institutions. As a part of his creative interests, Mr. Ojha has regularly published opinion posts, poems and articles on a wide range of topics from death, disease, social issues, and humanism to post-religious spirituality.)