Pushkar Lohani

Translated by: Mahesh Paudyal


When the youthful eyes wink, pious water overflows.

Trust should be bestowed on sites reliable

For, never in vain does a male cat repent.


The even’ breeze that tries to break in though the window

The night that wanes as dreams begin to sprout

Skilled trappers thrust the poles, and move out of sight.


In fresh night-robes inside an open door

A different darkness hides from the hunter’s eye

Someone comes, and thrusts a burning candle in.


Trying to retrieve from a heap fresh and begotten forms

A steep gorge downhill; an erect, pointed rock

Falls on the dark, deep trench deceptively hid.


Weary, unholy eyes when trespass deep within

Disgusting filthy forces turn and stare intermittently

But fortune darts away when Lord of Death is sought.


Shadow, trying to conceal has amply leaked.

Amorous flirting eyes forwent sleep as they numbed

Melting beneath the clouds overflowing in flood.


Last night in front of the eyes persistently sought

Were you, unable to adhere close, though very near drawn.

An attempt to lift up at once was by cursed subdued.


How does a vermin enter defying all guards?

Its entry is felt only after wet patches appear.

A hill lowers when an erect trident tucks in.


The green bamboo leaves fall upon the straw.

Blue scars appear on the face with yellow flanking stains

When the self heats to fluid and flows in front of the eyes.


The dark, deep furrow, is quite inexplicable.

The incense of the wild flowers, pile on the palm

When the fragrance comes from within you.


The chill proves puny when mind boils hot

A fish, squeezing though smudge, leaves imprints of its move

As the night slips away slowly through the canal.