Himal Khadka


When someone flatters me
I wear another face,

When my ass is kicked hard
I wear a different one

When someone comes to ask for money
I change and wear a third one

and yet on receiving a favor
I still possess another face

I have the faces
that only a ten headed being
could hold on his torso.

I’m the Ravana

Golden Lanka is perhaps not a myth
’cause I myself want to accumulate so much
that every brick that make my world,
would be made up of gold

I have so many thoughts and plans  for riches
that only ten heads could hold

I’m the Ravana

interest I have
never in my own woman,
even in the middle of making love
I imagine the naked bodies of other’s wives, other women.

I have accumulated such debris of nude images
That only ten heads could hold

Yes, yes, I’m the Ravana
I never lose an argument

the intellect has become equal
to that of one hundred pundits

knowledge I have acquired
that only ten heads could hold

I’m the Ravana

O Ravana!

tell me

How more Ravana are you than I?