Kuma Raj Subedi


Getting lost in the boulevard each tranquil days,

Inhaling hypnotic breeze, journey men stampede rejuvenate feet

To scale the unearthly summit of ecstasy

Wiping out the hunch of earthly weariness.


Dancing ducks in the still water

Like welcomers each day wholeheartedly

Elation erupts like a volcanic lava

In the bounties of Roy Amer

Bidding farewell to sighs and scars of time.


Circuit of St Michaels caters to festivities

Of curly and braided heads

Of grey and dark complexion;

Kiddos dig in as if there is no tomorrow

Whetting Ibises to spread the wings

Suggesting to open arms

To passers by.


Who wouldn’t encapsulate the sheer bliss

Claiming charmingly childhood back

To chill out on each bud of jacarandas,

Seep on a green carpet under the maple trees

In a broad daylight

Journeying with the rays of sunshine

From dawn to dusk and till eternity

When robust Oakden mesmerises with ardent expression?



Kuma Raj Subedi, a lecturer in Tafe SA , is an Australian poet of Nepali origin. His numerous poems have been featured in The Gorkha Times, Indian Periodical, The Muse India, The Indian Review, Misty Mountain Review, Poetishes, Of Nepalese Clay and Nepal Namcha. Based in Adelaide, he often writes on the theme of women suffering, childhood memories, nature, identity and ephemeral nature of human beauty.