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Ratna Samsher Thapa

Translation: Mahesh Paudyal

The sun

turns red with anger and guilt

tired of exchanging looks,

for, those eyes are not of the living,

but of a corpse.


The night

withers amidst curses

tired of its lonely talks

for, the tune is not that of the living,

but of the corpse.


The tantric

is simply taken aback

at the loss of his art,

for, the slope is not of the living;

it is but a burial yard.


The soul of anyone putting up here,

gets enslaved.

Think, before you lodge,

for it is a branch, not of the living,

but of the corpse.


[Ratna Shamsher Thapa was born in Kathmandu in 1939. He started writing around 1951/52, though his first published work was “Bhiralo” published in 1955. A poet and lyricist of repute, Thapa’s major works include.  Chaklabhariko Ghaam, a collection of poems and Taraka Kancha Ranga, another collection of poems  and Obhano Siundo, Rujheka Pareli (Collection of songs). For his achievements, he received Devkota Literary Award, Yugkavi Siddhicharan Shrestha Kavya Award, Mukti Award, Honored by Radio Nepal (for songs), Saadhan Samman, Lifetime Achievement Award (Hitz FM), Bhimnidhi Rashtriya Pratibha Award, Chhinnalata Award, Harihar-Savitri Devi Literary Award, and special honor from Geetkar Sangh, Nepal. He died on 28 May, 2020 in Kathmandu.]