Death Penalty, also called Capital Punishment, is the termination of a culprit either by electrocution or by hanging. In some countries, they even practice the cruelest way to death: the culprit is beheaded at public spaces. Typically, in executing a death penalty a hangman is supposed to carry out the task. In doing so, a kind of black cloth is put on an offender’s face since his eye lids tend to come out in response to the sudden twinge of pain.


In some countries, Capital Punishment is performed live on the public spot, and that nauseates spectators and causes terror among them, and one of its motives is for deterrence. If someone intends to commit a rape, terrible glimpses of beheading may hold him back with his teeth grounding in disgust. He might choose to seek pleasure alternatively via common sensual indulgences such as engaging in masturbation or browsing provocative pictures. Thus, his intention to commit a rape will be waned.

Unfortunately, Nepal is not among these countries. This is the country where it seems that you have a liberty to rape. If your social status and wealth support you, you can go for it. For decades, rape has been prevalent in countryside where people are poor and cannot afford to go to prostitutes. They succumb to sensual temptation which fuel their audacity to rape.

Samir Gautam

Many abolitionists have been arguing constantly and have never been in the favor of Capital punishment by claiming that it is against humanity. Sending scoundrels directly to God would be the good option than keeping them in the prison for their whole life. Only God would forgive him. Being in jail for years is like striving to survive in an enclosed room, even without ventilation and it leads to suffocation and ultimately, to craving for death. Death rescues a person from that vicious circle and the pure soul reaches to the god. Here, the use of force would be justifiable.


The bereaved family of a victim revolts against the rapist intermittently. This is because the law is not that strict in my country. The police become indifferent after having known that the offender is somehow connected to some political party or some eminent political member and so, they never try to disclose him. When the bereaved family comes to know this, their pain augments and they become insomniac. They are replete with the feelings of vengeance. So, another problem ensues. Until and unless the offender is not arrested and sentenced to death, the family cannot exude the sigh of relief. Therefore, it is essential to hang culprits.


Everybody fears death except those who have been living in a miserable life which leads the life to the ultimate tragedy i.e., death. Death is an imminent event of human life. No one is mortal. A great philosopher Sadhguru states, “Our body is nothing but the accumulation of the things we consumed throughout our life.”


We were too small when we were born. As we grow up, we become stout and big. Our parents nurtured us in a way to become who we are today. Because of the sheer generosity of Nature, we exist. We would have been defunct otherwise. We belong to this mother earth and to her shall we return. So, what’s wrong in commencing Capital Punishment?

[Samir Gautam is a 20 years old poet, currently studying in 12th standard at Oxford college majoring in English Literature and Political Science. He is an Editor-In- chief in Heart Links International Online literary journal. His works have been appeared in INNSAEI journal (India) , Acid Verse journal volume 1 (USA) , Scissortail Quarterly (USA), Shagaz Anthology(India),Betiyan anthology (India), Emotions (India), Glo magazine (India) and so on. He has also been contributing to few online news portal like Sahitya post. He has been very passionate about writing from his very early age.]