Gopal Parajuli

No food
no clothes
I am a writer;
give me words
I cannot bear the load of silence
I have abandoned weapons
left my past
I have left half of the world
for a word;
give me one
I want to write a poem
and recite it
my daughters need
my son too
all my brothers need parts of speech now
I want to speak
with your words
I have rejected all silence
and mute battles
and have come to you
to ask for a word
if you give me a noun
give me love
if you give me a verb
love me
if you are optional
lend me a word I demanded
O friend! I am ready to write
a poem of love
which is glimmering on your face
right now
science cannot read it
I will read;
time cannot read it either
I will read;
there is something
something on your face
I want to translate into words
and show to the world
the world I discovered;
in the absence of your word
longing will follow
and the pain of love

Translation: Mahesh Paudyal