– Bhawana Pokhrel

Not before long, I also thought of obliterating 

All these ‘Shadow Lines’ off the entire globe

With my fellow, like Gosh, from your land 

In the name of humanity and cosmopolitanism


In the past, when we were gathering guts for global Gaia

Grimly when a gloom shook us to rubble and a ravage

You highlighted your help, blowing your bawls: Savage!

Nepalese were dying for gruel; you’d an embargo, Cruel!!


Bouncing the blame -bucket upon us, you lied to the world

That ‘rebelling police force blocked your trucks full of food’

It’s not even mercy, let alone compassion: no human mood!

We adore open enemies, not sly allies with serpent-fang-furl!!


But it was then, however, today, 21 May again

Your mean media-man manifested his malice

 In a maneuver of mincing the pride of a parliament

 Derogating the dignity of our damsels and denizens


Go back and inculcate mannerism for acceptable talks

So you would not have to be shy about your own folks

As shown in your own masala movies like Rush in a scene

From a null of a Nile, miles for you to go for human esteem


We know you; the world knows you more than you feign

Please act NOT in a betraying, biharee-big –brother- vein

We have only spitefulness for your encroaching goof

Jammu, Kasmir, Bangladesh, and Bhutan all are a proof


The bellicose baits of your forked frolicking fishing hook

For carving the fake ‘shadow lines’ holding Golding’s ‘conch’

Of peace, off the palms of poverty and pain-stricken nations

A huge objection to your territory greed; sorry, no ovations!


The land captured in the baggage of their barbarous days

Those unequal ‘shadow lines’ drawn at an unfair phase

We despise utmost your mean manipulative butchery

Watch out!  You’re poking lanky lions with tangy treachery


In a catalogued cunningness, enslaved utterances

Stop terrorizing us with the ghost of a dead imperialism

The phoenix of your ex-ruler should also return from ashes

 To ensure witness, testimony, responsibility, peace and justice


The penultimate pieces of a nation that wasn’t at all

A false, fake and fictitious Shadow Lines, an ideal wish

But a sovereign entity not a ‘frail’ that you want to fish

Our civilians’re not slaves to you as Caliban to Prospero


For the assurance of equality, dignity and respect

Belittling autonomous lines via monstrous media hype

Though verbal: enough is enough, we will do or die

But to your devilish dominance, an ultimate good bye!!!