Kuma Raj Subedi

It’s a story, hard to write

A man of high valor

Often needs to fight

Nonetheless turns pale and talks sour


You don’t know what he’s going through

Be kind enough to talk to Andrew

Synapses not firing signals , from communication he withdrew

Shackled are emotions , will you help set ‘em free?


Beauty out there, for him utter non existent

Gloom surrounds slippery dreary path

Yet drags forward, determined steps inconsistent

Potion of seclusion triggers wrath


Disorder of some sort or a possession of evil spirit

You’d think his performance not up-to par

Crevices of memory suck all merit

His achievements not often seem too far


Other day at chemist, he was buying pills

To recover from the periodic thrills and chills

“It’s about the system, not you an idiot!”

Empty goes from within again the lithiated vidiot


Catching up a man of high rank

For him never had been easy

“Numb nuts, it’s not that way!”-  mind goes blank

Crushing the curse , he goes queasy


When ill-treated Andrew

From communication withdrew



[Subedi is an ESL lecturer at Tafe SA, Adelaide, South Australia. His numerous creations have been featured in Misty Mountain Review, The Muse India, Indian Periodical, Poetishes, Sahitya Post just name a few. He often writes about nature, women suffering, identity, childhood memories and love.]