Anjali Karna

Help me breathe before my existence sinks,

Ease before it’s my time to cease,

Smile before the hell’s door I climb,

Help me live before it’s your turn to grieve.


Help me realize I exist to shine,

Fly before my wings give up through time,

Heart stops beating and becomes obsolete,

Willingness melts down before I get my crown.


Help me dance before the beats crash,

Sing wound remedies before I forget the melodies,

Dream before I hear painful screams,

Have clarity before I lose touch of reality.


Help me feel the chills before the end of breeze,

Glow and grow before moonlight is there no more,

Calm stormy clouds before I feel the wind blow,

Remove feelings of a loner before I make it out all alone.


Help me walk before I fall and my bones crack,

Sleep before I am no more able to weep,

Talk before I leave the world at my stop,

Help me own the soul before it turns to stone.