DB Rai

I just got down at the metro station in Kolkata. It was crowded and had hustle-bustle than usual because the book
fair started that day. Esplanade, here I was told to wait, and accordingly I started waiting. I was just standing at a
side of the platform where not only me but a herd of youths, some were girls and some boys with glinting eyes full
of romance and zeal, were also standing. Every ten minutes or so, a train would come and the single one waiting
on the platform would make their way out turning into pairs. This platform, as it seemed, was their dating place. If
anyone would see these couples, he would of course feel this world is indeed full of couples. A young girl in the
crowd not far from me, probably, was waiting for somebody and that had been for more than an hour, I supposed.
She was apparently writhing under waiting. She sometimes prowled here and there, sometimes stood still a long
time at the same spot. Whenever trains would come, along with me she too looked for her man desperately, lifting
her face. As the train left, the platform would be deserted except for two-me and her.
Perhaps, she was curious about me. Now and then, she would cast her glance at me. Modern, trendy
looking, fair and slim, on one side of her shoulder she had a vanity bag that kept dangling. She was really charming.
I wondered who was that lucky guy to have such lass. I became nervous when she once again turned her look
towards me. Next train, loaded with passengers comes again. Many alighted and some got in. A surge of crowd
engulfed us. We diffused into the crowd, neither was that beautiful girl in front of me nor could I maintain our
existential position. But after sweeping of the crowd, we again could find each other standing on the very
platform. She was a little upset. I once made up my mind to talk to her. But only thinking otherwise I gave up this
feeling and kept looking forward to the next train instead.
With great speed, another metro train came and stopped. Now she just threw her look over me but by
the time a handsome boy had already come to her. Her face grew radiant on seeing him. No sooner did they
whisper to each other, she giggled as she looked at me and her boyfriend as well. I however, could easily figure out
that they were guessing I too was looking for my girlfriend. I saw them as they went past me on the platform.
Immediately, on the heels of their leaving, somebody tapped on my shoulder. Turning back, I found one tall and
lean looking gentleman beaming at me.
“If I am not wrong, you are Mr. Rai, right?” he enquired.
“Yep,” I shook his hand.
And he rashly gave me a bundle of books which I had to deliver to a place.