Kuma Raj Subedi

Wired and weird stories in circle ’n square

Beginning nor ending, calamity a dire

Buried in ground sacred and plain

When walking dead, wandered in vain


Sense of alienation creates aches

Reflection haunts in vales and lakes

Will you ever rise and come back?

Parish suffer satiety of lack.


Of peace and fires in hills and dunes

Crickets in dusk create tunes

Heaps illuminated by full moon rays

Of mocked heroes in ancient days


Resting in bed of dry creek stone

Narrative most in melancholic tone

Bravery and suffering, their own game

Most lived in asylum – what a shame!


Sounds of contempt tore skin deep

Trauma, depression, neglect caused to weep

Valour and deeds if penned in ink

Nation’s tapestry would form solid link


Consolation aired in Sunday’s bells

Echoes heard far and in cells

Prayers, blessings sent they raked

Sacrificed in wars for nation’s sake


Epitaphs of disorder decay and fall

In tormented families one and all

Brave stories ever spread and loom

In fond memories daffodils, agapanthus, poppies bloom