Shadow- blurry reflection

Pursues honestly and incessantly-

In ups and downs, static and motion

Visibly and obscurely-

Kuma Raj Subedi

Dark and gloomy bold visage

Like a bewitched one

Halloween pumpkin- a maze

With setting Sun- soon gone.


Scaling Hills of sorrows

Or resting in bliss burrows

White like a Rabbit-shadow

Displays playfulness- life meadow.


Burgeoning shame or hatred

Like a river flows down hills

Attempts made to forget

Yet lurking around- chills.


Both comrade and enemy

Like Inspiration or ghost of past

Haunting or pleasant accompany

Visibly small- as obscure vast.


Leaves not until the last leap

Conversing before each sleep

Along the vales and dark allies

Of fleeting time unsung songs-

Life in death

Death in life

Double edged sword

Armored me and my word-


Hark! Sssss Evoking eerie-

Chasing phantom berry memory

Dreaming day and night

Recalling fondness; dazzling sight.


Abominable yet sublime-

Farewell, up is time-

Meritorious miles of journey

As a wax mingled honey.