It’s them that never stops.

The moment it passes through you,

Elapses through you but never leaves.

Looks astonishingly alluring but having a terrible feel.

Anjali Karna

The blazing agony of chilling sun,

The withering of leaves with a life in it.

Choices to make a change but change what ?

The waking moment lying right behind your eyes.


though quite,

But never so silent.

I am knowing all secrets

Beholding on the edge of a knife.

Threatening every ounce of strength.

Entire existence of eternal belonging lying in a moment of hesitation.

Like wind gushing way out of bloody nerves,

Like fire sacrificing itself to eternity,

Like water making its way through pebbles of hope,

Lies there the mere existence of pain

That, that moment there is INFINITE.