It has been many years since the first introduction of Godot, an anonymous entity. We still wait for Godot endlessly. We have become sandwiched in between- knowingly and unknowingly. Waiting for Godot symbolizes conscious action on the basis of actively participating unconscious.

It’s me Godot. Finally, I thought of revealing my identity. I am one of the great mysteries which mankind couldn’t solve. I know their limitations. Nevertheless they act tough. They despise when someone points out their weakness. What can you expect from animals who need constant reminder about their mortality? They validate themselves of being superior with rationality. I know it’s just an excuse for the denial of the meaninglessness of life.

Let me tell you about my secret: I don’t exist at all. Just like your other imaginative figures and characters, I am your creation. From the dawn of human civilization I have walked with humans. My name differed with the different time periods. Lately, I have become famous as ‘Godot’. Shakespeare famously wrote, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Exactly. Call me as you please. I am what I am: the ultimate hope of human beings that defines their existence.

Hope. It’s a word of the entire human evolution. You live for this word. You die for this. From genocide to suicide, all happens in the name of this four letter word. It dragged humans to this point since their days of origin in Africa. And this tendency will continue until the last moment of human civilization. Moreover, the day you lose hope would trigger the beginning of your doomsday. Therefore, I exist.

Hope provides people a reason to live, to look forward despite worst case scenario. Even in the case of crisis, destructive war, poverty, personal traumatic situations, people look forward in the hope of new days that end their remorse and misery. Today, the world suffers from Covid – 19. Nonetheless, everyone is struggling so hard to survive. People believe someday this will end. Similarly, you cast vote to different candidates during election with mere belief that s/he can fulfil your vision of governance. You invest for future, get worried for possible outcome. Basically, humans live for tomorrow. You wait, wait and wait just like the Game of Thrones fans waited as “winter is coming”.

Meanwhile, most people hope for paradise after death. They are willing to suffer in this life at the cost of promised afterlife. They justify their misery in the name of god. They await for miracle out of nowhere.

These situations of your poor, tortured being led to establishment of various enterprises. They totally cashed up from your dependency on hope. Different sorts of religions are the major player of this field. They claim they can guarantee you better time ahead in whatever way you prefer. You hold one of the branches of religion, expecting you life would be easier not only here but over there too. Another sort of enterprise is science. With advancement in genetic engineering, artificial intelligence and technology it has provided you hope of immortality; option of settlement in another planet; choice of being superhuman.

Likewise, there are economic and political enterprises. Capitalism, socialism – you name it. Earlier, monarchy dominated. Now, democracy and dictatorship have close context. Fascism is lurking around the corner. They have one thing in common. All of them promise you of better days. They assure you of utopia. Guess what, you cheaply fall in one of these traps. Apart from them, there are many small scale ‘hope’ institutions. The success of motivational speakers, despite recent entry, inspires other wannabe players. As a witness to human obsession with false hope, I’m not surprised at all.

Forgive me for beating around the bush. I deviated from initial intention of mine. Now I should talk about the real issue. It’s all about ‘Waiting for Godot’. Let’s look at this piece of conversation:

Estragon: “Let’s go.”

Vladimir: “We can’t.”

Estragon: “Why not?”

Vladimir: “We’re waiting for Godot.”

Just like them, all of you’re waiting for me. Past. Present. Future. Human life makes no sense in my absence. Yet, they know nothing about me. It’s because I’m their imaginative destination who resides in their deepest core of unconscious, even out of reach for them.

Kopsu Kshitij

You possess this emptiness inside you despite material, emotional, physical and psychological pleasure. You constantly wait for something or someone without knowing you’ve been waiting. This wait has driven human generations forward. Have you asked yourself, who are you? What’s your purpose in life? Why human beings differ? Why are you here exactly in this moment? What signifies your life?

You, humans, have tried to answer these questions by introducing different sorts of perspectives, ideologies and theories, claiming them as final truth. Still you are clueless. Surrounded by day to day struggle of being alive, you have left the task of finding answers to few so called higher people. However, they tell their version of answer. What about your version? What about single common version? I know nobody cares. You have no time for such absurd task. You cannot waste your precious time.

The problem with the human beings is they explore everything except humans. Despite your desired life there exists dissatisfaction. You try to fill that space with more and more. At certain point that more becomes less. It leads to new set of more. This happens due to your desire for Godot. During the journey from birth to death, humans constantly search for purpose of life and at the end they settle for something else, thinking that as their own. This deviation creates lack in them. Thus, they spend their whole life battling with existential survival without knowing the true essence of what it means to be a human being.

I know you will ignore whatever I say. Just like you’ve been ignoring everything which doesn’t concern you. It’s always about You. You. You. Isn’t it? If only you could allocate few minutes of your valuable time for these words of Sartre, then you would understand what’s at stake:

“Nothing happens while you live. The scenery changes, people come in and go out, that’s all. There are no beginnings. Days are tacked on to days without rhyme or reason, an interminable, monotonous addition.”

I’m signing off now. Long live humanity.

After the confession, Godot disappears somewhere. Oh, wait. How could Godot vanish when Godot hasn’t arrived at the first place?