Trans. Hem Bishwakarma

Binaya Sargam

Speaking I am silently- just silently

Perhaps, you could not hear

The silence inside me

Yes, I am a rock!


Walk; you walk on

Striding on my chest

Walk a couple of lovebirds hand in hand

Teach the baby feet

To walk on me

Walk breaking/ striding on me

For I am a rock!


I have a pair of stone eyes

A pair of stone ears

A stone voice

But, I don’t have the eyes

That would weigh the beauty!

Yell, speak or sing,

As I do not have ears to heed!

I do not have the voices to revolt

For I am a rock!

I have changed my forms

When you came;

For instance,

After your touch, I became a trust—

A God, indeed!

After your carving, I became a sculpture

After you stacked me up

I became a house, and a wall

I became a defense

And on occasion a weapon

After you formed me !


Perhaps you think

That I am a rock-

A silent empire!

Neither the needles of clock

Rounds for me

So that I am totally quite


Yes, I am a rock- and I speak

My voices—silent, just silent

If you happened to heed it

I can turn into whatever you unsought!