From twinkling in the brightest of birth,

Storing faded memories of childhood in your dangling self,

Did you capture the happy cry?

Walking between the ripped off woods,

Did you shine on her way?

Observing the little one all those while,

Did you predict if she could turn out in a virago?

Unending circle, vulnerabilities being originalities’

Will she live life of eternal suffering?

Because the summer was cold, because the winter seemed warm

Did every moment of it shine?

They say everything not recorded will eventually be forgotten,

Did you save it?

Just like night blooming hedgehogs withering the second day,

Did you still capture the moments that weren’t shining?

Sun rising to indicate end of silent night,

Will life be beginning with winter?

One who enshrines your presence always in mind,

Was it your shine flourishing in doomed darkness?

Once she is done here under your endless presence,

Will you project it all for her when she comes over to you?

Regardless, till she keeps up her loyalty for you,

Even if your helium fuel runs out,

Opt to twinkle in unlit Death.