This poem is from Durga Lal Shrestha’s poetry collection London Rose. This is one among the collection of poems he penned in Nepalbhasa while he visited London to participate in Mha-puja in November and December of 2001 on the invitation of Pasa Pucha Guthi UK.

Originally written in Nepalbhasa, these poems were translated by Giridhar Manandhar and published by Pasa Pucha Guthi UK .

Durgalal Shrestha in London

My Own Self


Many a day have I spent with you,

Yet lived with you I can not say,

Close we were, yet a veil between us,

Unblended, as oil is to water.


How can I get the measure of you and me,

London is London and who am I?

A flea vis-à-vis an elephant,

Perhaps not even so.


Generous and loving though be your heart, O London,

Clasp my heart a little it cannot,

Sweeter than the pleasures of yours,

Are to me the sufferings of my land.


2 December 2001