लक्ष्मीप्रसाद देवकोटा

Translation poem: Q & A

L. P. Devkota 


‘What is that, oh!
the nectar, that divine drink?’
‘As earning the bread virtuously
know that you should for sure.’

‘All search for bliss,
but where the bliss is all the time ?’
‘It lies there
where giving others
what is sweet for you, do.


‘Peace would not descend, why is that?
and where to get it really?’
‘It drips under the tree that which
always stands with us.’

‘Which is the temple, entering that
the God becomes visible?’
‘He smiles sitting on
The throne of the mind.’


‘Where to go
What to read
Whom to appoint a Guru
to understand such a mysterious life like this?’
‘Inside an opening bud of rose
blossoms the knowledge, infinite
go sit inside a garden
all elements will there unfold themselves.’


‘What is the public’s duty?
an overwhelming protest is there, going on.’
‘Look at the stars in the sky
ask from the bottom of the heart.’

‘What is that, which is the greatest among all in the world?’
‘The sweat and the consciousness, ‘

‘What should be the goal of life?’
‘To fly high
and touch the moon itself
if any goal.

Translation- Himal khadka